It’s a disaster…

So, what I have to know is what would you do if we were under attack by chemical weapons of mass destruction. There was that crazy NatGeo series Preppers about those who prepared for dooms day (however it may strike) and then there was the ironic, disturbing indie film on the Netflicks starring Julia Stiles and America Ferrera called, you guessed it, It’s a Disaster.

In light of the chemical attacks in Syria, in its own oddly comedic way It’s a Disaster poses somewhat relevant questions regarding what to do when your country is attacked. Several friends gather for a monthly brunch date to catch up and dish when over wine and baguettes when a neighbor in a NBC suit asking if they have heard the news about the smart bombs dropped a short radius from their address.

It's a Disaster

The film focuses on the relationships of the lunch bunch, a struggling couple who has recently decided to divorce, a free spirited hippie couple, an odd and nerdy couple and then a newly coupled Stiles and random internet guy on date no.3 played by David Cross.


A single Stiles confides in her gal pals over brunch that she has been seeing a slew of crazy guys- including one who keeps his toenail clippings in a jar in the medicine cabinet. Toe-nail guy is soon eclipsed by her Bible history teaching date who crushes sleeping pills and rat poison into wine so that she and her friends can join him in the Messiah. After learning how one dies when poisoned by chemicals from smart bombs (symptoms that have been brought to life before our very eyes) the couples are faced with a choice-

A) Wait and hope for the best, see if someone comes to their rescue

B) Die with grace

C) Be poisoned slowly and painfully or,

D) Drink the poison.

So, here’s the kicker, you don’t know if someone will show up and save you and it will pay off to wait and see. What would you do? I only wish I were joking.

In real news, PBS published an article about how to survive a chemical attack. Apparently, there IS an anti-dote, but you MUST swallow it immediately in order to survive. The only question that remains is can I pick it up at my local CVS?


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