Film Cine Filme

Today I discovered you can watch movies on you-tube. Mind-Blown. I celebrated by watching 3 full length features on my laptop- just like college: Solo Deus Sabe, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and When Harry Met Sally.

For those who aren’t familiar with Girls Just Want to Have Fun- let me fill you in on reasons why this movie is, in a word, AMAZING. Yes, AMAZING.

-Stellar cast decked out in 80s’ clothes including: SJP! (Sarah Jessica Parker), Helen Hunt, Johnathan Silverman AND Shannon Doherty. All in one movie. Before they were famous. These fashionistas sported dinosaur barrettes and Catholic School uniforms.

-Soundtrack features 80s’ music including- you guessed it, 80s’ anthem, Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Thank you, Cyndi Lauper!

-Cheesy dancing. All of these elements make Girls Just Want to Have Fun a great film.

Next on my movie marathon quest was the movie Solo Deus Sabe.

I am utterly fascinated by this movie and thusly was able to sit through the 11 segments required to see the film in its entirety. Reasons I ADORE this movie:

-Diego Luna…Shirtless.

-The movie is in THREE, yes 3, languages and is shot in 3 different countries: Brazil, the US and Mexico.

-The movie explores religious themes revered by Mexican Catholics and Brazilian Candomble. The main characters believe in santeria and Candomble. The Candomble religion believes in the Godess Oshun, who resides over the realms of love, intimacy, diplomacy, beauty and wealth.  Who couldn’t honestly use some of that goddess power?

-The ambiance of the three countries is beautiful. Especially the scenes of the Candomble rituals.

-The music, featuring a collaboration between Julieta Venegas and Otto which you can enjoy here.

And finally, When Harry Met Sally, an old stand-by for good measure. It’s amazing how young Billy Crystal looked, especially considering that I just watched a movie with him and Bette Midler where they played eccentric grandparents.

In other discoveries for the week, I found an interview for one of my favorite bands, Better Than Ezra (BTE!). Their album Closer was the soundtrack to my highschool career.I discovered their music in Petosky Michigan one summer at a vintage music store. On one of my better birthdays, I saw them live in concert at Dallas House of Blues and I still have a guitar pic from one of their concerts (Yellos- with BTE logo). Prized possession.


3 and a half minutes felt like a lifetime. Need I say more? I should say so.

You know how sometimes you hear a really great song and then you interpret the lyrics and make up your own story to go with the song? Well, For that song I made up the greatest most tragic love story ever. About some high school kids who were in love and one of the kids died too soon. ” You moved like water- I could drown in you- and i fell so deep once- and you pulled me through” “Ally woke up 8 AM graduation day, got into a car and crashed it on the way.”So her friends kidnapped her ashes and spread them out over the water- “And I know it wasn’t right, but it felt so good, and your mother didn’t mind- like I thought she would. And that REM song was playing in my mind- 3 and a half minutes- felt like a lifetime.”

Well, my story wasn’t quite close to the true story. In case you too were wondering, what BTE’s song A Lifetime can be heard *here*. I found an interview on You tube where the lead singer confessed that the song was about  country singer Graham Parsons who died and his friends set his coffin on fire in the dessert. Strange but true. The interview can be found here. Mystery solved. Really, I have to confess that I wondered.


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