Troubleshooting- Social Media

Recently, I interviewed for a position at the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. During the interview, the interviewer mentioned a difficulty the organization had been having with social media channels. Members had been accused of spamming their audience, sending out too many messages that their audience found irrelevant.

With so many social media platforms available, managing guidelines and engagement is a challenge many organizations are facing.

Several media organizations have posted guidelines on social media which may be helpful to others facing this issue. These guides can be found here.

While users struggle to balance many social platforms at once, hootsuite offers a free service allowing users to juggle several platforms, including FaceBook, Twitter, and Linked in, all at once and also manage engagement, all while providing metrics data on each platform.

Recently, I read an article written by Laura Perry, director of communications @ UCLA School of Nursing about engagement on Twitter. She offered helpful advice including setting communication goals and objectives and determining a role and purpose on the platform. She encourages readers to determine whether they wish to be a follower, a listener, responder, content curator or provider of original content.

Though social media engagement can be overwhelming at times, solutions are available.


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